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The Story of the Logo

When we realized that the Metathings project could be done, we started to design a logo for our project. We wanted a logo that explains everything about metathings.
You are now seeing our first logo. Now we even look at it with a smile. The real world is on one side of the logo and the virtual world is on the other. On the right side of the glasses are real world objects (but these objects didn't go where they belong, they got stuck in the real world) and on the other side are the metaverse world. In fact, these glasses represent how our view of the world has changed.
The logo intended to be used when Metathings was first developed.
You can liken metathings to a portal standing between these two worlds. It's like a portal that carries objects from the real world to the metaverse.
Although there are many different features in the logo, we decided to change it so that it looks corporate. However, we will keep our old logo as well. Since logos are seen as a small icon, especially on platforms, the details disappear and the emphasis is reduced. That's why we wanted to prepare a catchy logo that does not lose its emphasis when it gets smaller.
Mett official logo
We've created a new logo with illusory rings behind and a glowing 3D letter M on it symbolizing the transition to the metaverse.We had a lot of discussion while choosing this logo. However, we preferred this style because it is catchy and expressive when reduced in the form of a logo. In fact, every stage in metatahings has a story. This is one of those stories.