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Staking DAPP

Crypto staking risks

To understand, staking crypto has several risks:
Crypto prices are volatile and can drop quickly. If your staked assets are subject to a large price drop, this may outweigh any interest you earn from them. Staking may require you to lock your coins for a minimum period of time. During this time, you cannot do anything with your staked assets, such as selling them. You may have to wait 30 60 90 days to get your crypto back. Because staking is done locked. There is also a participation cap on METT staking.
Cryptocurrencies need to use the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism to be able to staking. However, METT is not mintable, meaning its supply is limited. 50 M mett allocated for stake will be used. If this fills up early in the pools, you may not be able to generate income from long-term staking options.
Knowing all these risks, you need to participate in your staking.

There are 3 stake pools

1- 30% APR has been determined for the pool with 30 DAYS. Mett tokens in this pool will remain locked for 30 days.
2- 60% APR has been determined for the pool with 60 DAY . Mett tokens in this pool will remain locked for 30 days.
3 - 90% APR has been determined for the pool with 90 DAY . Mett tokens in this pool will remain locked for 30 days.
Earned can be claimed. ( any time)
The stake lock date starts from the date and time the user staked. Since stake contracts are not modified, in some cases staked amounts may get stuck in the contract. The user should initiate the staking process knowing all these risks.
Withdraw can always be done. However, as it is a locked stake, 30% penalty is applied. Penalized tokens are sent to the pool and another user receives them as stake income.
Due to the fact that we are in the BSC network while all transactions are being processed, there may be fees on the BSC network for transactions. Therefore, your wallet should at least have BNB for transfer transactions.
Since there will be no more staking reward tokens after receiving the 50 million staking reward, the staking reward cannot be claimed. This means that early participants will be advantageous for staking rewards.
There is a referral program for Mett staking. You can refer to staking through its links. As people coming from these links are staking, rewards will be given according to the following rates. However, it should be said again that a total of 50 million mett tokens have been allocated for all staking, reference and other rewards. Lv1 = 12% Lv2 = 7% Lv3 = 5% Lv4 = 3% Lv5 = 2% Lv6 = 1%
The purpose of mett staking is to enable users to obtain mett tokens by locking their tokens for a certain period of time. Mett token already has a passive income system. By participating in Mett token staking; There is no early unlocking. It is not possible to say whether the price will decrease or not. Mett is not responsible for user-based errors. The entire prize amount is 50 Million mett. You can stake with a maximum of 250,000 Metts. Just make sure you're on official sites. You confirm that you accept all these risks.