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Problem - Solutions and Due Diligence

In order to produce a solution, the problem must be well understood.


  • Most NFTs are only used as trading products and are not functional in their current form.
  • Lack of solutions for modeling, expensive and need long time
  • Not being able to do all modeling processes under one roof (like clothes, balls, shoes, etc.)
  • Very high slippage values in liquidity generating tokens
  • Marketing deficiencies of projects
  • Inability to explain the solutions clearly
Problems can be extended. Many projects can promise many things. In general, they promise a lot. However, their technical papers do not address these problems, they cannot understand the problem, they cannot explain how the system will work, and they cannot be successful in the final. And the sad thing is that the only technical information in most technical articles is the title itself.


In no part of the project, marketing is not given as a goal-solution. Because it is a must.Every product and project produced definitely needs advertising and promotion.
  • NFTs will doing fully functional on our own and partnered platforms
  • Minimizing modeling time, cheap, fast and high resolution 3D modeling
  • Modeling of all objects that do not have personal rights on a single project
  • Low slippage
  • Long-term marketing studies with continuity
  • The project will not published directly, its function will clearly explained, and all requests, suggestions, criticisms and debugging information will collected with demo and alpha versions.