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CMC & CG Listing

We think that the CMC and CG listing processes will progress faster because we have the Certik certificate.
CMC usually lists these projects quickly because it knows the importance of certik certification.
CMC and CG listings are very important to us. Because the first step of a project starts on these platforms. Also lot of platforms use CMC and CG data APIs.
Since there are many malicious projects, it is not easy to list every project on these platforms. We will experience one of the advantages of owning Certik in these listings.Mett will also be listed on one of the 5 exchanges with the highest volume. That is why we will easily be listed on these two platforms, which are considered important and first steps for the crypto community.

Why is the pre-sale on pinksale platform?

There are many pre-sale platforms. We've looked at almost all of them. We preferred the pinksale platform because it does not have tier logic, its interface is quite easy, it has many side features and its liquidity locks are protected by certik.
Also, the pre-sale is just the beginning for METT.
That's why we chose to be on a platform that is easy to use, has a very good interface, and is actively used by users.