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Certik Audit

We always want to work with the best.
As many people know, certik audit isnt a certificate that can be given or received directly. There are many types of audits that can only be obtained by paying money. Certik is an audit that examines the entire blockchain code. It cannot be obtained by just giving money.
The answer to the question why certik is quite simple. Because after an audit certificate, projects can print tokens and steal all the liquidity by running a code. We could write down the bad examples here forever.
Mett audited by Certik
Codes are subject to a starting aduit. If the preliminary review is completed successfully, the full review process begins. At each step, correspondence is made with the team about the blockchain codes. At the end of all these, if the code does not contain any vulnerabilities, if it is working properly and is safe, a certificate is prepared.
Mett begins his life with a certik certificate. We never thought of it as a roadmap destination. In our opinion, this is the most important step for the start of a project.
There is also a pinksale bot-blocker on our blockchain. As those who deal with blockchain development know, at least 10-15 different bots make direct purchases as soon as a token is produced and added to liquidity. This breaks tokenomics. Since we don't want such a problem, we will use pinksale antibot to block these bots.
We share the pride of having Certik audit certificate with the whole community.
In summary, the METT token can never be reminted. Not even 1 extra token can be minted. The code block does not stop after a certain transfer. As a result of hacker attacks, the project and its investors are not harmed.