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Metathings Whitepaper - $METT
MEtaThingsTech started life as an idea at the end of the year 2021.


#Mett was a result of our belief in the world of the metaverse. After owning any brand of VR glasses and experiencing it for the first time, we thought it would be indispensable in the near future.
If you don't have virtual glasses, buy one now. The decision to join the our pre-sale and start using all the possibilities that virtual glasses give, this is the right way. You will see that a magnificent metaverse world is being built.
Metathings is awaring of the size and power of this market. Definitely , Metaverse technology is a core feature of Web3. Everything is quite different from the classic web2. We know that without blockchain technology, the metaverse will not be built and web3 will never achieve its purpose.However, we think that the projects developed using the metaverse name on the blockchain side and especially nfts are insufficient.
There are well-known projects that develop new ideas for the metaverse platform as pioneers. However, we think that many of them need to develop new ideas and refine their platforms, user interfaces and data processing techniques.
Metatahings set out to develop a bridge application for porting real world objects to the metaverse environment. We are ready, are you?
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